We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to serve you.

Veronica Franco is awesome to work with! I have been working with her and her title team for many years; her vast knowledge of the title industry brings so much value to every transaction. I enjoy working with her and her team and appreciate their disposition to always be willing to help especially on challenging transactions by providing solutions. Thank you for all your hard work!

Its been a pleasure working with Veronica for over 10 years...and counting. Her extensive knowledge and title services are invaluable to my business. There are many times I've needed additional help and exceptions during a transaction, and Veronica and her team have always stepped up to address any issues on the table. Ours is a business of service, and I can truly say that Veronica's success is built on the fundamentals of teamwork, accessibility, and providing stellar customer service to all her clients. She is a great business partner to have in your corner, and look forward to our continued friendship!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Veronica for the past few years. She has been helpful along with her team in assisting with title inquiries during the escrow process. I am always confident that if an issue arises that Veronica and team will resolve the issue. She is quick to respond when needed and is extremely resourceful. always a pleasure to do business with you!

I am so thankful to have met Veronica Franco. She was always gone above and beyond to make sure that our clients are well taken care of. Her communication throughout a transaction has been excellent and our closing rate is 100%. Veronica has become my go to rep, and I absolutely love working alongside her because she gets the job done one way or another. Veronica is someone who you want by your side on a transaction, and we will continue to work with her for as long as we are both still in the business.

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know, or remind them if they've already done business with her, how terrific Veronica is at what she does. Veronica has been a big help to me on a number of occasions with my work as an attorney. She and her team are very responsive, thorough, and helpful. Veronica is a true professional, and I really appreciate all of her help! If you're looking to title-related services, make sure to contact Veronica!

I was introduced to Veronica Franco 4 years ago. What drew me to her was her genuine way of caring for the agents in my office. She asked how she could help them grow their business rather than ask for it. From the very first transaction I knew she was someone I can count on. she's a reliable and trustworthy person with exceptional customer service. Having Veronica and the Provident TITLE team on my side has made me a standout as listing agent. My clients have been impressed with how knowledgeable I am regarding title issues, but that's because I have a title rep with outstanding experience. I am blessed to work with her and so would everyone else. Thank you Veronica for Play in a major role in the growth of my business.

Title like no other goes above and beyond for your clients and her community. Also readily available for any questions or concerns and if she doesn't have the answer she will find out. I've had Veronica on my team of business for over 3 years and couldn't imagine my business being where it is today without the help and support of Veronica and her team at Provident Title.

As a realtor, it is important that I surround myself with professionals that I can trust. I have been working with Veronica Franco as my title rep for over 16 years. I have found Veronica and her team to be exceptional. They have helped with complicated problems that many other title companies would have just said "NO" to. They are super-efficient and go above and beyond to make sure your transactions close smoothly and on time. I will continue to use Veronica for all my real estate transactions and would highly recommend her to any professional realtor, lender, escrow company or home-buyer as she will provide professional guidance through your entire real estate process. So .... why not go to the best. If you are looking for a title rep who truly understands the business and knows what it takes to get your escrow closed, look no further than Veronica Franco.

I met Veronica through a mutual friend, and she instantly provided value and showed me what she and Provident Title have to offer my real estate business. Her superior customer service and quick response helps me keep my customers #1! She is always one step ahead, offers solutions and follows up to make sure my needs and my customer needs are taken care of. Thank you Veronica for your partnership and for everything you have done to help me grow my business. I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you!

Veronica Franco is a talented and experienced title representative. We have been working together for over 20 years. She has assisted us with many complex commercial title orders. She is knowledgeable and resourceful, always making sure our client's needs are met in a timely manner. Veronica is customer service focused, very accessible, and responsive. She's a great business partner, if you're in need of title services.

That's is sooooo impressed!!!I'm so THANKFUL to have you guys on my team !!! Your so amazing. I have no words to express my 100. customer Satisfaction. Please send them my regards ... You're a wonderful Leader my beautiful Veronica

It has been nearly 2-decades since I met Veronica Franco, ("Vero"). New in the business, she guided me, helped me and always provided me amazing title support. So, when she left her last Title company, I stayed with her. Over the years my volume has increased and my deals have become larger and more complex ... but Vera's knowledge and support has become second to none. Vero is the consummate professional who has not just provided the best title support, but the best business support. Her integrity and discipline has inspired me to always improve my craft. LAR Realty, Inc has thrived over the years do in large part to Vero. If you want a prelim, call a title company. If you want title issues to be resolved, call Vero!

We are blessed to have worked with Veronica for over 10 years. She is an amazing title agent that always anticipates our needs to make sure our clients are always taken care of. Title issues in real estate can get tricky at times and she has always been there to guide us and to make sure our customers are protected. Her responsiveness is amazing as she will immediately answer our calls, texts, and emails. She has an amazing support staff that backs her up to provide us with A+ service.

I have been working with Veronica Franco for about 11 years. Over the years she has proven to always be there for support and knowledge. Whenever I come across a challenging situation I always get my answers from her and her team. If I need support from another field she will refer to me the top in the business, she is a connector. The fact is she is someone you want and need in your corner, she goes above and beyond to help in anything you need. It's a pleasure to be a part of her inner circle and I am fortunate to be in.

If your looking for a title rep that can get the job done, look no further. Veronica is a true professional with incredible knowledge and resources to provide all her clients. I have had the opportunity to work with her over the past few years and it has been amazing. Veronica puts her clients first and treats them all like family. I encourage you to give her a call if your looking for a title rep that knows how to get the job done and most importantly get the deal closed. "Thank you Veronica for all that you do for me and my business!"

Dear Julie and Veronica, I just want to express how satisfied I am with the high level of expertise and service you two displayed in our last transaction. It was a tricky file but Julie knew exactly how to handle it and was able to get the transaction prepped and ready to close in less than a week. I also appreciate Julie's willingness to always speak to me on the phone since that was one of the major problems I was having with the previous Title company. I know for all of my Title questions and orders that your company is more than capable and will make the process as stress-free as possible for my clients. Look forward to working with you two again!

I have had a few closings with Amy Chau, provident title rep. She’s always available for my questions, attentive to my clients’ needs which puts me at ease during what can be a stressful situation. Pretty good rates too. Thanks Amy and Provident title company for making the closing process smooth for my clients.

The top priority in my business is customer service. When working with Amy Chau at Provident Title Company I trust the service my clients receive will be the highest quality. As a Realtor, I appreciate her attention to detail and communication. Amy and her team go above and beyond to make sure the home buying/selling process is seamless and streamlined for my clients. Any time I have questions or concerns, they respond immediately and rectify any situation that may arise. I always have a great experience and know that I can trust them to make sure my deals close in a timely manner. I have always used Provident as my title company of choice and will continue to do so in the future!

WOW! After working with Fides, how can you work with any other Title Representative? She is very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. She goes the extra mile mile for you. Most importantly, she RETURNS my phone calls. WOW!I have been a licensed real estate agent since 1980 and started working with Fides in 2003. Though our careers have taken us through many different companies, she has remained my constant Title Representative of choice.

So happy to be working with the Forkel Team on my transactions over the years. I rely on their title information when teaching my real estate classes too, as the Manager, of a large Century 21 in Diamond Bar, Ca. The Provident Title property profiles are special and professional compared to others and combined with the customer service is why our clients have chosen to use the Forkel Team.

Brian & Sara Forkel of Provident Title Company. Just wanted to say thanks to them! Both  for all their help on Jane Street in Riverside, with the title issues that came up. They helped solve them fast, Great team! Great job much appreciated!

I have been using Provident title for 2yrs now. Andrea Akitomo is very efficient in helping me with my title needs. I used to use Another title company for 14yrs. Since I made the switch I’ve been very happy knowing I’m in great hands. I refer all my colleagues to Provident title now. They address my questions ASAP! I never have to wait.I’m very happy.

I have appreciated the timely response and professional service you provide with the Company you represent. Provident Title Company has assisted me in this vocation I have chosen. We rely on the information and Documents you provide. Accuracy in Legal Descriptions And Title Policies are essential in providing our buyers and sellers. Safety and Success in every transaction we undertake. Thanks for all you do and are.

My rep, Joey Villamayor showed me the website. Topics and tools I found useful were mortgage payments, interest calculations, and also easy access to blank document forms for my convenience. Another great feature is the Chinese translation option. Many thanks Provident Title for the website to help grow my business!

I have been using Provident Title Company Linh Daravong’s Team for over 5 years. With that said I can’t express how grateful we are to be working with the BEST team. They have made a huge difference on the ability to service our clients in this type of high demand market. They are amazing, fast and they get the work done! Thank you Linh and Team for always making it happen even when it’s last minute, late nights or early mornings

I needed information on endorsements, Joey Villamayor showed me where to find it on the website. I was very happy to find other relevant topics on the site, very informative and easy to navigate, well done Provident Title!

I was very impressed with the information I can get from it.Joey is very friendly and excellent in his work. Many times when I called him for help, he always response it fast with satisfaction answer and solution. So does the customer service. They always provide a very pleasant service.

I just went into your Website and I was pleased with the functionality and the ease of it. I'm a big advocate of Rick Eggleston and Provident Title due to the high level of deliver.

Our representative, Joey Villamayor, mentioned Provident’s website and found it to be informative, easy to navigate and an overall useful reference guide to our loan processors.In addition, Joey and Title Officer, Ron Bautista, have always been helpful in answering all our questions.

Outstanding service! Always was working with Steve Poss who is Senior Title Office there. Real solution finder for the investors or just very efficient for simple transaction.

Provident Title is an outstanding title company. Steve Poss, Julie Schaal, Nancy Orrego and their assistants are experts in the title industry. They know how to resolve serious title issues, they are efficient and are nice to work with. After handling escrows for 30+ years I know how vital it is to work with a title company that is very knowledgeable and proactive. Provident Title gets 10 stars in my book.

What can I say? Pam Wood is simply one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet! She is the BEST of the BEST in what she does. No matter what she can hep you with EVERYTHING title related. I highly recommend her for ALL real estate agents. If you want the best for yourself and your clients; use Pam.

Laurie Kun, with Provident Title, always goes above and beyond to get the job done. She is honest, helpful, and holds the highest integrity at all times. She's a great resource for agents, giving great marketing ideas, and tips to gain success in the business. My buyers/sellers/co-workers all rave about how professional, attentive and detail oriented she is. I highly recommend using her for all your title needs!