About Us

Provident Title Company began with a vision


Three decades ago, a small group of title professionals with many years of combined experience in the Southern California real estate industry came together, united in the conviction that there had to be a better way.

The title industry of that era was rapidly becoming dominated by large companies and national franchise chains. The distance between management and the customer had become vast. Scale trumped service. Complexity was seen as a problem and approved answers were black-and-white only. Innovation had given way to inertia and inflexibility.

In this corporatized environment, a business approach that emphasized findings solutions for customers had gone out of fashion.

Nine Veteran industry professionals formed the nucleus of the founding staff of Provident Title Company. When they opened for business on Wilshire Boulevard in the heart of Beverly Hills on a spring day in 1986, they were determined to do things differently.

Service excellence – meeting the requirements of the client — would again be paramount. The emphasis would be on speed and flexibility. Complexity would be accomodated and the firm’s predisposition would be to see all transactions as potentially insurable. Innovation would be embraced as a valuable tool for finding solutions that served client interests.


For three decades, the professionals of Provident Title Company have been steadfast in the pursuit of this vision and have worked hard to make it reality

  • Excellence in customer service is the foundation of all that we do. When things need to happen very fast, we make them happen very fast. The needs of our clients drive the process.
  • A controlled approach to growth has kept us lean and agile. We began with a nine-person staff in 1986.
  • We all live and work in Southern California. Many of is grew up here. We know our markets and we know our clients. We communicate directly and without long-distance distortion.
  • Our offices in El Segundo and Orange County have expanded our reach and enhanced our convenience for communities in a wider swath of Southern California. At the same time, maintaining our Encino Corporate Office has kept us in the center of things.
  • Most importantly, we are privately owned and independent, free to chart our own course. We don’t fear complexity. When deals are difficult, we strive to find a way. We find solutions; we don’t look for excuses.


Provident Title Company is about both continuity and change.

Continuity is evident in the tenure of key staff members, many of whom have been with the company since its founding. This continuity has a generational quality – a significant number of Provident staffers are the children of founders or other early employees, and the ranks of clients and business partners include multiple generations of the same family. Our roots in the community go deep.

Continuity is most evident in our firm commitment to our clients and to our service mission. We are well aware of the critical role we play in helping our clients acquire property securely, particularly home buyers, many of whom seek our assistance as they make the largest and most significant investment of their lives.

We take this enormous responsibility seriously. This is reflected in a variety of ways; from our commitment to best practices in title work, to our embrace of appropriate business technologies, to our choice of financially strong underwriting partners.

We view the future from a position of institutional strength and we view it with confidence. Southern California remains one of the world’s most attractive property markets, one that continues to draw investors from every quarter of the globe.

Provident Title Company is in the right business with the right people in the right places. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to many, many more.

We are proud to serve you.